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11/08/2013 12:00 AM

11/07/2013 5:02 PM

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Let’s see, which is more preferable – NSA spying or waterboarding?

I suggest switching John Kerry to president and Barack Obama to secretary of state of disrepair.

When Congress passes a bill and 100 percent of the Democrats vote in lockstep, it’s reported as passing with a bipartisan vote. When a bill fails to pass and 100 percent of the Democrats vote in lockstep, it’s reported as Republican obstructionism. Can someone explain why?

Kansas oil- and gas-producing counties are having to sue Topeka to receive the $7.4 million due them. I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to imagine that Gov. Sam Brownback is using that money to cover up the shortcomings of his tax-cutting experiment for the rich.

If great roads meant economic development, Kansas should have full employment. But Kansas doesn’t, because our taxes have been too high and our government too big since at least the 1960s.

Kris Kobach should put his money where his mouth is and offer to pay $100 to charity for every one of the 17,000 voters he has disenfranchised when they prove their citizenship. If he is right about massive voter fraud, he need not worry.

What Kansas founding fathers would deny the right to vote to thousands just to serve their political ends? The founders Kobach emulates (Oct. 26 Opinion) were run out of this state by abolitionists and freemen. Some of our founders only had writs of sale. Those are my heroes.

I was helped along my life’s journey by the compassion of an orphanage, a family who adopted me, the structure of Friendly Gables and a loving legal guardian. We need to examine and improve all of the services provided to children and families in Sedgwick County.

To those who stole my belongings while I was at church: Do you think you can put on gloves, wipe your fingerprints off my “artificial heart valve” cards and send them to me? I know you had plenty of money.

How about painting K-96 lanes so they are visible when wet?

It would be a good idea if KU passed off its non-football program to WSU. This would benefit the school and our city. The student body would increase, and so would tourism.

I love all my red maple trees – even after five rakings amounting to eight trash bags and one large trash bin and one small trash container full of leaves.

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