Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 7)

11/06/2013 5:25 PM

11/06/2013 5:25 PM

I predict that at year’s end, there will be more people canceled from their health insurance than signed up with Obamacare.

Isn’t Obamacare fining people for not having insurance they can’t afford much like a bank charging you an overdraft fee for something it already knows you don’t have any of?

If you think the website is bad, wait until you see what they are selling.

Do you want evil to triumph? Do you want to be ruled by evil people? Then by all means, continue to do nothing. Good men and women: Stand up and unite.

When gas was approaching $4 a gallon, people were blaming President Obama. Now that it is less than $3 a gallon, I haven’t heard anyone give him credit.

A superpower should be trusted by friends, feared by enemies. We are neither. Our president cares most about “nation building at home” and is uncomfortable with the assertion of American power. This was unmistakable in his marble-mouthed case for an attack in Syria.

The opening position from Democrats for the budget was to increase spending? No wonder we are $17 trillion in debt.

I find it ironic that many (Republicans) are demanding Kathleen Sebelius’ resignation for technical problems on Obamacare. Then Gov. Sam Brownback and Republicans should be called to task for the DMV and every other problem we have had in our state of Kansas. Let’s get the council going. Impeach.

Gov. Sam Brownback takes federal dollars for Kansas road repair while denying Kansas citizens additional health care through Medicaid expansion. My tax dollars pay for these federal programs, but he only accepts help for roads? I want my federal tax dollars spent to help Kansas citizens first.

“The Wizard of Oz” is going to need a rewrite. Brownback Land will have to be added as a terrifying region all but the rich must pass through as they travel the yellow brick road to Oz.

One of the arguments for replacing the Kansas Coliseum was that more seating was needed so that bigger acts could be brought in. Yet there have been few sold-out activities held there. It seems the taxpayers were lied to.

The FDA warning about dangerous jerky treats was dead-on. One of our dogs now has bladder and kidney damage and is blind. Our vet said he has seen numerous cases of this, and the common denominator appears to be treats made in China. Check packages closely for the fine print.

Sad to say, but it will require a fatality or two to change speed limits or add stoplights at 143rd Street East. The bureaucrat in charge of that little kingdom has a list of excuses as long as your arm for not changing things.

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