Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 6)

11/06/2013 12:00 AM

11/05/2013 5:27 PM

It now appears that the government bailout loan to GM will result in a $10 billion loss to taxpayers. Not bad if you can get away with it. Thanks, President Obama, you did a great job with this one. Obamacare, anyone?

There are few places left on Earth with income equality, notably Cuba and North Korea. There is no incentive to excel in either society, and everyone is equally miserable. Health care is free, though.

If there were a Nobel Mendacity Prize, Obama would be a two-time winner.

Everyone lies. It only matters if you get caught.

If anyone from the current Congress is elected president in 2016, it will be certain where the blame for the impotent, dysfunctional Washington sideshow lies. It will be with the colossal ignorance of the American voter.

The same people who failed miserably at launching the Obamacare website will soon be regulating the sophisticated day-to-day decisions of hospitals, insurers and doctors. That’s scary.

We do not live in a democracy. The Founding Fathers never planned the country to be a democracy, and built a constitution so it would not be.

I can always tell a Republican by his lack of a nose. He cut it off to spite his face.

It’s bad enough that the politicians want to limit and deny Americans their right to choice, but now even the grocery stores are getting in on the act. It won’t be long before all the name-brand products will disappear from shelves, leaving only Walmart and Kroger brands. Forewarned is forearmed.

The Democrats raise campaign funds a dollar at a time from Americans, not like the Republicans do – a million at a time from big business. Does that tell the Republicans anything? We are fed up with you and big business getting everything.

The Federal Reserve is a privately run bank that has nothing to do with our government, and I smell several rats in Washington, D.C. Why does the president appoint a person to run the Federal Reserve?

I just moved back to Kansas from Southern California, where the taxes were increasing so fast it would make you dizzy. The schools and roads in California are not better off. Small businesses are moving to Texas. Kansas does not need this here.

“Ark River”? No, no, no. Call it the “Arkansas River” every time. Never drop “Kansas” off this river.

Now that the owner of the Washington Redskins is under fire for maintaining and defending the name of his team, who is next? I’d bet the Kansas City Chiefs. And surely there must be some atheists offended by the name New Orleans Saints.

I love “Mother Goose and Grimm” and “Born Loser,” but The Eagle listens to me as well at the city government does.

Quit messing with the comics.

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