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November 5, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 5)

Let’s get this straight. We’re not calling for the resignation of Kathleen Sebelius. We’re calling for her to be fired.

Let’s get this straight. We’re not calling for the resignation of Kathleen Sebelius. We’re calling for her to be fired.

Our government should all be replaced, and Obama should be fired. He hasn’t told the truth since he has been in office. It’s always someone else’s fault. His approval rating should be zero.

A nearly $24 billion hit to our economy, $76 million per day lost to gateway communities near parks, 860,000 gallons of fracked oil spilled in North Dakota undiscovered due to the shutdown, and the GOP calls itself the fiscally responsible party.

We should be sending the $24 billion shutdown bill to the representatives and senators who attempted to destroy our country, including Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts and Reps. Mike Pompeo and Tim Huelskamp. 2014 is coming soon.

Hey, tea partiers, better get those collection plates going around, because you owe the rest of us $24 billion. It really showed your concern for unnecessary spending.

During the government shutdown, the White House closed war memorials but accommodated a rally for illegal aliens. This sort of vindictiveness should make all of us fear government-run health care.

President Obama did not “defeat” the Republicans. Ted Cruz and the tea party did. The tea party, which claims to represent the vast majority of Americans, needs to get out of the Republican Party and let the real Republicans get on with helping run the government.

Obamacare is another ploy to make more middle-classers become dependent on the government.

Liberals will always tell us what they most fear. Their reaction will be that of a vampire at the sight of a cross.

The president of WSU must be a liberal. They never do what works, like lowering tuition.

The city of Wichita may have a great investing idea with Century II, but what happened to fixing the roads and allowing the traffic to flow smoothly? Buy the local artists some paint and let them create some murals in strategic locations. Work on some little projects.

Hey, Wichita drivers, I don’t mind being courteous and making space for you to change into my lane. But it’s not going to happen if you pulled out from behind me and raced ahead of me to do so.

When you can drive on Wichita’s streets after sunset and see two vehicles every five to 10 minutes that do not have headlights on (or just parking lights) and these vehicles are not stopped, then it’s time for the Police Department’s top officials to be held responsible for dereliction of duty.

Why is the Wichita Fire Department sending out 100-foot aerial platform fire trucks for medical calls? Why not purchase four pickup trucks to answer these calls and save the big trucks for fires?

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