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11/05/2013 12:00 AM

11/04/2013 5:10 PM

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Wichita should be proud of its medical community. We have the latest technology, education and training. But what makes it great are the wonderful people who provide these services. They truly care about the patients and their health.

When I hear a city official say “let’s go build something,” he is really saying “let’s go spend taxpayer money.” Whatever happened to free enterprise, where a builder can see a need and borrow the money from a financial institution and keep the profit?

I am shocked and saddened that it has been suggested Century II be torn down. Century II is beautiful and unique. It is something that all Wichitans are proud of. There must certainly be many more projects the city should undertake that will actually be beneficial for our citizens.

Wichita needs to fix its streets, improve traffic signals, and add police officers and firefighters. “No” to tearing down Century II.

The best news I have read in our newspaper in a long time is that our clueless governor may not be a shoo-in.

Why are we criticizing a policy to reform the welfare system to include assistance for an individual to become self-sufficient? Welfare assistance should not be a way of life. It is only temporary for those who can return to work. What is wrong with helping people to be self-sufficient?

If Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin or Nikita Khrushchev were alive today, they would be laughing in victory at who is in the White House. I’m sure Vladimir “KGB” Putin is doing plenty of that, anyway.

I just signed up my 18-year-old daughter to a new Blue Cross Blue Shield plan saving $89 a month. Thanks, Obamacare.

My wife and I are 63 and 64. Our health insurance premium is $578. My new premium with Obamacare will be $987. Thanks, President Obama, for the great savings you promised us.

What happens when no one believes the lies anymore?

If we’re talking about presidential lies, let us not forget “Iraq has WMDs” and “the wealth will trickle down.”

Chiefs fans: They are setting you up for heartbreak again. They will choke. You must know this. Super Bowl? I think not.

I will be so glad when – like “groovy, man,” “cool” and Valley Girl phrases – “hash tag” talk has run its course.

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