Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 4)

11/04/2013 12:00 AM

11/01/2013 5:01 PM

Do you think the electrical utilities companies know how much ink they waste every time the electricity goes off and back on, and all the printers print another test pattern? Do you think they really care?

I’m dismayed as I look around during Halloween. So many modern kids have had their childhood stifled, and so many chronological adults are still emotional children, and act like it on Halloween. Let the kids enjoy it, and act like an adult.

The government said the cost of living has gone up very little this year. But do those computations reflect the fact that prices are being raised by simply giving the consumer less of the product, especially food? That can of peas used to be 16 ounces.

If funding for the SNAP program is not renewed, maybe some of the 200,000 small businesses not required to pay stat income taxes will be able to step up and donate to the program.

Why is it that when we have a Democratic administration, the “government is too big and spends too much,” but when the Republicans are in the Oval Office the same criticism is not heard?

Someone suggested that abolishing the EPA and Education Department would be a good start to fiscal recovery. That sounds great. We’d raise a generation of ignorant people who couldn’t figure out why it’s so hard for them to breathe. But the rich would get richer, so that’s all right.

One plus one equals two. “You will get to keep your health plan and doctor” plus Obama equals mendacity.

Kathleen Sebelius should have been asked: “Did you know the president was saying we could keep our health insurance if we liked it?” She certainly did. So she should have informed him. If she did, then he lied to us. If she didn’t, then she should be fired.

So, we heard the tornado sirens go off due to a malfunction. Now, are Rep. Mike Pompeo and his GOP cronies going to blame Sebelius or Obama for this unacceptable event? Someone needs to be fired.

Sebelius is standing Kansas strong after the Washington witch hunt.

The $650 million Obamacare website had six people sign up the first day. That is a prime example of government efficiency. And under this monstrosity of a health care plan it will only get worse.

Guess what? When the contract goes to the lowest bidder, you get what you pay for.

On Bill Clinton’s watch, our country grew and prospered. On George W. Bush’s watch, our country went to war under false pretenses and was put on the path to economic depression – both of which were left for Obama to clean up. What selective, short memories we have. Sounds like political Alzheimer’s.

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