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11/04/2013 12:00 AM

11/01/2013 5:00 PM

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The drawing of the proposed development for the west bank of the river, with its style of buildings and the colors, looks to me like a small Mexican village. The city deserves something better.

I agree that the River Vista apartments will be an eyesore. I see them as austere – uninteresting boxes stacked on top each other. Ornamentation and softening the lines would help immensely.

Ever notice incumbent Republicans pretending to be more conservative for six to twelve months before the next election? You can observe this with Sen. Pat Roberts now that he has a primary challenger.

Roberts is on the committee working on the final version of the farm bill. The toxic King amendment must not make it in. This dangerous amendment threatens to repeal many animal protection laws on farm animal confinement, horse slaughter and puppy mills. Contact Roberts.

Attention, RINOs: Please follow Jean Schodorf’s lead and become Democrats. The line forms on the left. Thanks.

If Schodorf doesn’t win this election, will she change to the Libertarian Party?

“You can keep your insurance coverage.” That’s the biggest lie told, and for the longest time ever, in American history by any president.

Given the cloud that the White House finds itself under these days, maybe the adoring national press should go back and finally vet our president. Who is he anyway?

When Harry Truman was president he had a sign on his desk that read, “The buck stops here.” That sign must have gotten lost.

If the Republicans spent as much time trying to fix the problems as they do complaining, the problems would probably go away. Democrats, with the help of Republicans, can find the best solution. Quit playing politics.

People are lauding Edward Snowden as a hero while treating Kathleen Sebelius as though she’s the worst criminal since time began. He’s a thief who put our country’s security in jeopardy. She’s a politician who mismanaged a website.

This is for the people who only tip when they get good service: Try working for $2.15 an hour on your feet for eight hours, and see if you give perfect service every time.

Life is good, and if you don’t believe it, take a walk, look up at the trees, and say, “Thank you.”

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