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11/03/2013 12:00 AM

11/01/2013 4:54 PM

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The Century II convention center is a dinosaur. It’s hard to get to certain areas, and knowing which door to use is confusing. Parking is far away. Move on to a better, more user-friendly design.

As the city considers what to do about Century II: Please do not use the same architect, or let anyone be on the committee, who planned the jammed-up, uncomfortable Intrust Bank Arena.

If we would just take care of buildings such as the airport and Century II, we would not need to replace them or even consider it. They need to constantly keep up with changing demands of customers. Both facilities have been mismanaged by past and current city leadership.

Why don’t we replace the old city bus system, which is an environmental waste, and build an overhead monorail system with continually running cars serving the whole town, including retail and entertainment centers?

The “Air Capital” moniker is long outdated. The aircraft industries follow the money. Even when we bribe them to stay, they soon abandon us without a look back. We need to face reality and start looking for new and better ventures to grow Wichita and its economy.

The argument for one six-year presidential term in place of the current two terms is easy to state: Bush, Obama.

Logic is like Arabic: If you speak it in front of Republicans they will think you are evil and hate America, even if they can’t understand anything you’re saying.

Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS targeting, the NSA and now the continued false statement about your ability to keep a current doctor and insurance plan. Obama has crossed the Rubicon.

If the political pendulum doesn’t swing the other way hard and soon, we’re doomed. We need a conservative president who will rule the executive branch with an iron fist, cull the “nonessential” workers and cut spending until it hurts. And one who will obey the law.

The way our unqualified and uncaring president insults our military and our veterans (Fort Hood, Benghazi and the veterans memorials) is a disgrace to our heritage and to why brave men put their lives on the line. Veterans Day speeches from Washington, D.C., this year will sound hollow.

President Obama is brilliant, selfless and only has your best interests at heart, so everyone just needs to chill out about health care and relax. He’s got this.

Saying the Democrats shut down the government is like saying the victim shot himself because he wouldn’t give the gunman his wallet.

We need an addiction counseling group for people hooked on Facebook. They need therapy to wean themselves off this powerful addiction. I’ve seen people ignore their children, people around them, life in general – all for a fantasy life that looks pretty good on a computer screen.

Has everyone noticed the trees in their glorious colors all around Wichita? This has to be the best year ever for the many colors in them.

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