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10/31/2013 12:00 AM

10/30/2013 5:34 PM

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I have never used the city buses, but I would be happy to have the city add a quarter cent to sales tax to help expand and operate the bus system. That would keep fares down and enable the working poor to get to their jobs – a win-win for everyone.

Here we go again. The city soon may demand that I pay more for buses I will never use. Next will be a raze-and-rebuild on the Century II site. Unlike the city, many of us have bottoms in our pockets. Is there no end to this spend-and-tax regime?

Didn’t we just sink several million dollars into Century II for improvements? Let’s update Century II with the $10 million that was set aside for the Coliseum when we voted for the White Elephant Arena.

Do not touch Century II. It is iconic and beloved in this city.

Don’t Westar Energy and the KCC know that if someone pays in advance he should receive a discount, not a $4-per-month additional fee? This is an outrageous kick-the-poor idea.

Does anyone believe Westar wants to help low-income people with prepaid electrical service, adding on $4 per month to use it? That way, Westar makes an extra $48 a year for nothing.

I have been following Colvin Elementary teacher Brianna Falvey and what she is challenging her students to do every day. Many good life skills are being taught, as well as book learning. She should be nominated as outstanding teacher of the year in Wichita. Let’s all get together on this.

It appears that the fourth-grade students at Colvin Elementary had a lesson in socialism, and it failed.

How can Americans sit on their hands when our so-called leader and his lying leeches take over our personal health care? Now will they take money out of our checking and savings accounts, and like China, tell us how many children we can have?

A Marine never leaves a man behind, and yet our old ex-Marine Sen. Pat Roberts is more than willing to throw a former Kansas governor under the bus and abandon her because that is what his party is telling him to do. So much for loyalty to his home state.

Add the health care fiasco and Halloween, and you have Obamascare.

Is anyone else sick of the word “folks”?

TV’s Thursday night schedule stinks, except for “The Big Bang Theory.”

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