Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 29)

10/29/2013 12:00 AM

10/28/2013 5:31 PM

Being a victim of the Obama/Democrat economy, if I knew who the latest Old Town shooter was, I would turn in him or her in a heartbeat for the reward.

Obamacare simply trades the 75 percent of happily insured population for 75 percent not happy with their insurance.

You know this Affordable Care Act sounds pretty good and may really work out OK – anyway, a lot better than that fiasco called Obamacare.

The one thing most embarrassing to the state of Kansas right now is Kathleen Sebelius.

If you don’t think Obamacare is a form of slavery, just wait until the IRS withholds your tax refund to pay delinquent premiums.

Sorry, but can’t imagine Jesus supporting a health insurance plan that mandates abortion and sterilization coverages (like Obamacare/ACA). The Creator is and always was pro-life.

If our Kansas legislators and governor want to say they represent the whole state of Kansas, they should open up the primaries so I can vote for the person I think would do the best job, whether it’s a Democrat or Republican.

You can say anything derogatory about people other than Christians and it is likely to be called “hate speech.” But it seems you can say anything you like about Christians with impunity, even call them terrorists. Of course not all who call themselves Christians are the real thing.

If anything can be learned from the oil spill in North Dakota, it is that it’s not “if” a pipeline will fail, it’s “when” and “where” it will fail.

I wonder how many of our dear congresspeople have a “leadership” fund and actively use it. It is a way to use funds for about any use legally while they are in office, even hiring siblings. This was on “60 Minutes” and adds to the reason that the approval rating for Congress is 16 percent or lower.

Kansas elections are only the business of Kansas residents. If wealthy corporations and individuals have a constitutional right to affect outcomes of out-of-state local elections with significant financial support, why don’t I have the constitutional right to know exactly who is trying to sell me which point of view before I vote?

Week after week, the editorials, Opinion Line submissions and political cartoons in The Eagle are overwhelmingly slanted in favor of Obama and liberals. True journalism. Laugh out loud.

Don’t be thin-skinned when “flipped the bird.” I never really knew its meaning – just thought it was bad. With its overuse, I finally understand it’s an advertisement – very simply, an alert that translates, “See what an ignorant fool I am.”

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