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October 29, 2013

Opinion Line (Oct. 29)

Hang in there, Kathleen Sebelius. You are doing great and have done just fine.

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Hang in there, Kathleen Sebelius. You are doing great and have done just fine.

People are viciously attacking Sebelius without knowing all the facts. Congress, with its partisan gridlock, is creating serious problems for us. Our economy is suffering because of the inability of members of Congress to work together, and that eventually will affect the security of our country.

I assume my taxes will decrease this year since according to Sebelius, she doesn’t work for me.

Has anyone else noticed that the government is not able to build a working website for Obamacare but somehow manages to monitor everyone’s phone calls and e-mails?

Germany is complaining about the U.S. breaking a law. How soon history is forgotten.

Our president has al-Qaida on the run. Unfortunately, they are running toward us.

We all just witnessed first-hand that the U.S. government can let go of more than 800,000 employees. Do that and abolish the EPA and the Education Department, and that alone will be a good start toward fiscal recovery.

Shouldn’t Sen. Ted Cruz or the state of Texas be billed for the $24 billion he cost the U.S. taxpayers?

Some years ago officials forbid schools from promoting God and values. And now we wonder why there are more shootings and evil happenings? People need to get back to church and in God’s Word. The government needs to wake up and realize the importance of God.

We don’t need immigration “reform.” We need immigrant return.

The problem with bringing back football is that WSU then has to give an equal amount of money to women’s sports – thus doubling the cost it would take to bring back football. Not to mention the cost to bring the cruddy old stadium up to par.

I thought I had turned my TV to the World Series, but I must have gotten “Duck Dynasty” instead.

I watched Rascal Flatts attempt to sing the national anthem. It was as bad as Rosanne Barr. Why can’t anyone in charge of this event find anyone who can sing or even knows this tune?

I don’t care what anyone says about name-brand opponents – 8-0 is 8-0. Go, Chiefs.

Now it’s time for all you Kansas City Chiefs fans to send your brown paper bags to Lawrence for those poor KU fans.

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