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10/26/2013 12:00 AM

10/25/2013 6:29 PM

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I’d bet fewer than 1 in 10 citizens could tell you how basic Social Security works, and it has been in effect for more than 75 years. How about giving the Affordable Care Act a chance to prove itself? In a few years, you’ll be glad it exists.

Kathleen Sebelius said President Obama didn’t know about the problems with the website. The ACA is Obama’s signature legislation, his legacy. Any leader worth his salt would make it his priority to know the exact status of such a project at all times. The man is out to lunch.

Thank you, Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger. Despite opposition from the Brownback administration, you are doing your job and looking out for the average Kansan.

Why do the right-wing Republicans and libertarians who want to do away with the government work for the government?

Continuing to negotiate with socialists leads to socialism.

There is no way the U.S. was going to default on our debt. We take in hundreds of billions of dollars a month on taxes alone. This is a liberal media scare tactic.

If raising the debt ceiling fixes our economy, then raising the blood-alcohol limit should fix the drunken-driving problem. Sound logical?

Sen. Ty Masterson wants “honest dialogue” on funding higher education. He seems to prefer having bake sales and other charitable events to having state support. That would mean he wants to push Kansas further into the backwater, so that he can give more income-tax breaks to people like the Koch brothers.

I’m more worried about K-12 funding than higher-ed funding.

When men landed on the moon, they found only gray rocks and dust. So why does the moon shine bright at night? What force rotates the Earth once every 24 hours, as it has for thousands of years without variation? It has to be the hand of God.

At least once a week all smokers should stand in front of a mirror, light up and take a deep drag, so they can see how pathetic they look.

If your horse does its business on the concrete people paths in Pawnee Prairie Park, you should clean it up.

The main characters in “Get Fuzzy” are named for Buck O’Neil and Satchel Paige, and I find the sarcastic humor in the strip a true bright spot.

When “Get Fuzzy” and “Pearls Before Swine” get canceled, so does my Eagle subscription.

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