Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 25)

10/24/2013 7:42 PM

10/24/2013 7:42 PM

Obama can fool 51 percent of the people part of the time, but he cannot fool 49 percent of the people anytime.

Republicans in Washington would now like Americans to believe that ineffectively is a brilliantly effective way to govern. “More harm than good” is what comes to mind, and is but one reason among so many to send them packing in 2014.

Fifty-five vendors are supposedly working together to put up the Obamacare website. They’re blaming each other. This is the fault of the top. President Obama and Kathleen Sebelius should be fired.

The Obamacare debacle is George Bush’s fault. Why are they trying to blame Sebelius?

The Affordable Care Act is like jumbo shrimp, “kinda pricey.”

The Republicans are asking for Sebelius’ resignation because the website for the Affordable Care Act is not working correctly. What about them asking for Ted Cruz’s resignation? He almost took our country off the cliff and cost the taxpayers $24 billion. He and his tea party crones are nothing but radicals.

A liberal gets a toothache. Who’s to blame? A Republican, silly.

If women who supported Obama love and respect empirical evidence, they will find that the joke that is “free birth control” is a very poor trade for the decline in overall women’s health care. The rose-colored glasses are starting to be removed by smart and honest women.

Thank you, Hobby Lobby, for standing up for what you know is right for your business. I will come shopping again soon.

Unless Kansans for Life’s David Gittrich (Oct. 22 Letters to the Editor) has been in an abortion provider’s clinic, how does he know it is “filthy”? Gittrich, Attorney General Derek Schmidt and their ilk who put these onerous conditions on these clinics are not trying to “protect women.” They are trying to control them.

The GOP has gone from the Party of Lincoln to the Party of Stinkin’.

So China fires up its coal-burning power plants and out come the gas masks. Kind of makes you glad we have the EPA, right?

The scientists who are 95 percent sure global warming is man-made should lead by example. Don’t fly, park your vehicles, stop heating and cooling your home, use whale oil lamps for light, and quit your job to grow your own food.

Where is the outrage toward the parents of the 12-year-old boy in Nevada for allowing the child access to a gun? This has to stop. Any excuses, NRA?

To the person who thinks Second Amendment supporters are hypocrites: If someone suggested your children should be killed, what would you say about them?

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