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10/25/2013 12:00 AM

10/24/2013 7:42 PM

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The press and elected officials should stop using labels when talking about the citizenry. No more “African-Americans,” “Asian-Americans,” “Latinos,” “red state,” “blue state,” etc. The only valid use might be “Native” American. But the use of such phrases does nothing but fester the division in America in today’s times.

State employees working in the state office building downtown do not want to move, and would like the city’s renovation money to improve the building.

It was nice to welcome Gov. Sam Brownback to Sedgwick County for the opening of our new driver’s license facility. As a 71-year-old who stood in line for more than three hours almost two years ago, I would ask: Why did it take so long?

Hey, the unemployment rate just dropped to 7.2 percent. Fuel prices have dipped below $3 a gallon. The Chiefs are 7-0. What in the world is Obama up to now?

I guess Secretary Kathleen Sebelius knows she’s “not in Kansas anymore.”

My health care goes up 43 percent this year. How is this affordable?

My dad is 64 and my mother is 63. They were so excited to learn that Obamacare requires all policies to include maternity benefits. My mother stopped taking birth-control pills and my dad ordered Viagra pills.

Republicans are so interested in lowering government spending and the debt, and yet they didn’t think twice about costing our economy $24 billion for their ridiculous attempt to prevent 30 million uninsured Americans from getting health care. Who are these people? Oh, yeah – they are politicians from Kansas you voted for.

The rule of unintended consequences is, just that, a rule. Social programs intended to lift people from poverty and decrease economic inequality rarely do what is intended, but nearly always make things worse. Giveaways, mandates, exemptions and affirmative action are all fool’s gold. They ensure the underclass will remain underclass.

The income gap between rich and poor is growing while we have a socialist Democrat in the White House. How can this be, unless there is something wrong with his economic policies?

The new dorm at WSU is going to be called Shocker Hall. Perfect name. It is truly a shocker that the powers that be would take away so much parking when parking is already less than is necessary.

When I moved from Iowa to Kansas, my boss told me that the average IQ of both states went up.

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