Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 23)

10/23/2013 12:00 AM

10/22/2013 5:36 PM

Another school shooting. Worship your guns, if that is what’s important to you, but don’t force the rest of us to attend your church and accept the righteousness of a false god. Gun violence will continue as long as we turn a blind eye.

Kris Kobach: You embarrass me. I would say you embarrass yourself, but since you have no shame, that’s not possible.

During last week’s circus on Capitol Hill, it became more difficult to differentiate Fox News from Comedy Central.

For our politicians it is all about the next election. It is no longer about what is the best for our country and citizens. Term limits are our best hope to save us from a total collapse.

Obamacare has been botched so badly that you have to suspect it was intentional. Then this administration can claim it can’t be done, so we’ll just have to move to single-payer so they can tax us all until our heads spin.

New Obamacare fix: Sign the back of your paycheck and send it to Washington.

Welcome to “scorched-earth politics.” But don’t blame me. I quit voting for Republicans and Democrats a long time ago.

The GOP could very well get along without the big Macs: McConnell and McCain.

The existence of billionaires is proof that our financial system is broken. That’s the problem that needs fixing, Sen. Ted Cruz, not Obamacare.

I’m now convinced that the D.C. in Washington, D.C., is more representative of David and Charles as opposed to the District of Columbia.

Obama’s advice to win an election if you want to make a change must not apply to tea party congressmen, who did win elections.

While Leonard Pitts and other pundits continue their assault and false accusations against the tea party, keep in mind that those congressional members were acting according to what their constituents elected them for. And some claim that is un-American?

Someone faulted columnist Cal Thomas for chastising promiscuous women. I’m a 57-year-old liberal-leaning gal, but Thomas is right. Short of rape, no man can have sex with us without our permission. So the disrespect, out-of-wedlock births and social ills that are the result of that behavior fall squarely on us.

The only person who likes change is a wet baby. However, when you are full of it you should change or be changed.

Just after having viewed the movie “Zero Dark 30” I read that the U.S. government has quietly given $1.6 billion to Pakistan. This is a madhouse.

Why not name the ICT airport “Oz” or “The Wizard”? Be creative, for a change. Most people can’t even spell Eisenhower.

Airport terminal name? “Keeper of the Planes.”

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