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10/23/2013 12:00 AM

10/22/2013 5:35 PM

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Kathleen Sebelius is an embarrassment to the state of Kansas. She’s obviously in over her head and should resign immediately.

Humorous political satire pieces like that by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius have no place on the Sunday Eagle’s Opinion pages (“ACA good for Kansas,” Oct. 20 Opinion).

My car isn’t getting the gas mileage it should and I want Sebelius fired immediately.

Several are saying that Sebelius should be fired for the poor online response for enrollment in the Affordable Care Act. Where were these people earlier this year when there were multiple-hour waits for renewing a Kansas driver’s license? Should someone have been fired for that “glitch”?

Also in attendance during President Obama’s ACA speech on Monday: a unicorn and a leprechaun.

Republicans: Just back off Obama and his health care scam. Let the voters reap what they sowed, and let’s see what happens to Democrats in 2014.

Blaming guns or concealed-carry for suicides is asinine. I have never heard a single liberal idiot blame cars for the number of vehicle crashes. There is no difference. If guns aren’t available, the mentally ill still have many other ways to end their lives.

Blaming suicide on guns and the NRA is like blaming obesity on McDonald’s. Everyone has a choice.

The years-long harassment that former Attorney General Phill Kline gave George Tiller and his patients was unnecessary and the kind of visibility that put Tiller’s life at risk right up until he lost it at the hands of a fanatic. It’s justice that Kline has lost his license.

Phill Kline gives dishonest lawyers a bad name.

When is 13th Street going to be finished? There has been no work done for several weeks west of Hillside. It’s done, the debris hauled away, and only the orange cones and dividers remain. Paint those lines and open it up from the Canal Route to Hillside already.

If we are renaming our airport for a prominent Kansan, how about Wichita Nancy Landon Kassebaum Baker Mid-Continent Airport?

A website has collected fewer than 2,000 signatures to rename Wichita’s airport for Dwight Eisenhower. That’s hardly a groundswell of support in a metro area of more than 600,000 people.

You know you live in Kansas when you have to run the furnace and the air conditioner on the same day.

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