Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 22)

10/22/2013 12:00 AM

10/21/2013 6:52 PM

The shutdown was ridiculous. But if your boss came to you and said, “I am closing for the next two weeks, and you don’t get paid,” would you think that was fair?

Thank you to the members of Congress who gave an effort to slow down the destruction of this country. Those who are informed and the working informed are now in the minority. Therefore, this may well be the last of America as we know it.

The U.S. House trying to save the country isn’t a narrow political aim.

HHS says it is “bringing in some of the best and brightest” to fix the Obamacare website. “Best and brightest” was a term for the leadership debacle of the Vietnam War. Are these people oblivious? I cannot believe the amount of material they are putting out there themselves. And they blame Republicans.

The Republican Party is a champion of the wealthy and the corporations, but never the low- and middle-income Americans. As a result, Republicans haven’t won the popular vote for president since 1988, so they just try to block and slander everything the Democrats accomplish or attempt.

Every day the government was shut down, gas prices fell. The day they work out a deal, it jumps 15 cents. What in the wild, wild world is going on? Anybody?

Anyone who thinks the federal government has anything to do with setting day-to-day prices of gasoline at the pump must have flunked Economics 101. It’s all based on market forces, with the price ultimately set by the gas companies, those bulwarks of the private sector.

Too often voters are responsible for allowing politicians too much authority. Some want to outlaw sugary soft drinks. And there is a move to presume consent for organ donations by everyone unless the individual explicitly opts out. This dangerous, creeping big government could come to Kansas. Voters should be wary.

When I see people with food stamps at Aldi, they buy the junk food. Aldi has very reasonable fresh food prices. It saved my life as a single parent.

It’s amazing how much the privileged seem to know about the dietary habits of the poor. I wonder where they get such detailed information. Maybe they ask the “help” at the country club or perhaps the groundskeepers at the private school.

How about we call the airport “Wichita Airport”? It kind of says it all.

I like the sound of “Redskins’ Intra-American Airport.”

It seems that LAX is good enough for the Los Angeles airport. Shouldn’t ICT be good enough for Wichita?

What’s all this jibber-jabber about naming the airport? After reading all the opinions regarding IKE, I think it’s fitting: Ignorant Kansas Eggheads.

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