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October 22, 2013

Opinion Line (Oct. 22)

When I moved to Wichita 30 years ago, Kellogg was being torn up and rail travel was unavailable – the same as today.

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When I moved to Wichita 30 years ago, Kellogg was being torn up and rail travel was unavailable – the same as today.

Has anyone put together the concealed-carry law, where everyone has guns, with the rise in suicides? It’s kind of hard to shoot yourself if you don’t have a gun.

A 30 percent increase in Kansas suicides is interesting. We can hope the NRA-owned legislators will notice. I have had 23 former or current students commit suicide, all but one with firearms. Enough.

I have no problem with government per se. The institution is necessary for a nation to function. What I hate is the coercion of the larcenous, narcissistic political class, and the wasteful, bloated and inefficient bureaucracy they have spawned.

So Kathleen Sebelius says they’re bringing in the best and the brightest to fix Obamacare. I figured they’d get around to calling in Republicans to bail them out.

The $292 million for a government website that does not work should tell you everything you need to know about how the Affordable Care Act will work in the future.

Have you noticed Republicans have started calling it the Affordable Care Act instead of Obamacare? They realize they shot themselves in the foot naming it after someone they hate. When it is a great success (and it will be), they will have named the legacy of a president they hate.

If Obamacare is so great, why are so many Democrats and Obama Kool-Aid drinkers wanting to get out of it?

America is broke and we plan to release $1.5 billion for Pakistan? Is the administration crazy?

Anyone who votes for an incumbent in 2014 should have “idiot” tattooed on his forehead.

There are only two things wrong with this country – Obama and the liberal media. Go, tea party.

I predict the tea party will disband January 2017. It was only invented to serve one cause, and he will be gone.

I tried for more than an hour to get through to Select-A-Seat for George Strait tickets, only to learn it was sold out. Then I saw StubHub had more than 3,300 tickets that fast. I will never again visit Wichita and spend my money for hockey, hotel and meals.

I wonder how many people would have tattoos if the current fad were no tattoos.

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