Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 18)

10/18/2013 12:00 AM

10/17/2013 5:10 PM

Why does New York City get to prosecute all the terrorist suspects? What about the rest of the major cities? They claim this country was attacked, not just New York.

Since Obama lied about the affordability of Obamacare, what if we just don’t sign up? Can he fine and jail millions? We should do what our Congress can’t – nullify this law.

If you ever wondered how a dictatorship and socialist government work, we are getting a firsthand look. Entitlements forever.

The GOP has become the party of government by blackmail. The latest example was its shutdown of the federal government. Apparently it is the way the party basically operates, with conservative fundraising groups pressuring Republicans to move right or face a primary race. This makes dialogue difficult and compromise impossible.

It is tragic that the doofus in the White House was able to drive the U.S. to the brink of default by simply refusing to delay the onset of his politically motivated attack on our nation’s health care system.

Mitch McConnell of the U.S. Senate sold America out on Obamacare for a $2 billion tip to the state of Kentucky.

Shame on Reps. Kevin Yoder, Tim Huelskamp and Mike Pompeo and Sen. Pat Roberts for voting “no” to end the shutdown. None of them deserves to represent the state of Kansas, nor this country.

I expected Pompeo and Huelskamp to vote to send the country into default, but I was saddened to see Roberts lose his common sense and join them. I am starting to think Roberts has served long enough.

Roberts said HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius should resign because of the computer problems with the Affordable Care Act. I am waiting for Roberts to call for the firing of the CEO of Xerox Corp. because of problems that kept citizens in 17 states from accessing their SNAP benefits.

Democrats think negotiation and compromise are when Republicans capitulate.

I have been seeing a commercial for reverse mortgages. It indicates they are government-insured but doesn’t indicate by which government. Surely it can’t be America, with a debt of $17 trillion. Does anyone know?

The only slur in the Washington Redskins name is the word “Washington.”

I am proud to be a North High Redskin alum and always will be. The Eagle’s Bob Lutz shouldn’t let the political correctness of the world today influence what his heart told him was right when he wrote his original column. Our mascot is not disrespectful but a symbol of what this great land was founded from. Redskins forever.

Once again I find myself at odds with Bob Lutz. He and Bob Costas of NBC Sports need to keep politics and their political opinions out of sports, especially when most of the country doesn’t agree with them anyway.

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