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October 18, 2013

Opinion Line (Oct. 18)

I hope Congress is into recycling all those cans it is kicking down the road for all our children to pick up.

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I hope Congress is into recycling all those cans it is kicking down the road for all our children to pick up.

Once again the Democrats and Republicans joined forces to betray America and the American people. All 535 of the politicos and their staffs should be fired.

Once again the Democrats have nothing to offer but larger government and more spending. This won’t end well.

You have to marvel at the courage and political skill displayed by our president in inflicting this humiliating defeat on the hapless Republicans. Not only did he secure probable Democrat landslide victories in the 2014 midterms, but he most likely kept the Republicans from the White House for a generation.

It is sad that the Republicans gave up. Now the Democrats have more leverage to run our country further into the ground and deeper into debt. The only way to stop a runaway train is to take out the tracks in front of it. Everyone’s whining stopped that from happening.

The mess this country is in now with the shutdown could have been avoided by people not voting for Obama in the first place. You reap what you sow.

Thumbs-down to Sen. Pat Roberts and Reps. Tim Huelskamp, Mike Pompeo and Kevin Yoder for voting to throw the American economy under the bus for their narrow political aims.

Conservatives are the future of the Republican Party. We should be very mad at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for not letting the Senate vote on 31 bills passed by the House of Representatives.

I am a proud North High Redskin, class of 1970. I am also half Cherokee. I find neither moniker insensitive or offensive. Please don’t change it. “North High Native Americans” would not be accurate and doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Once a Redskin, always a Redskin. The name will not change. Get used to it. Native American students over the years have expressed their opposition to changing it because the name, though once a term of disrespect, has become a term of honor and dignity at North High.

Change the name to the “North High Warriors” and move on.

Get out of sweater vests, or you will be getting mail from the AARP. Sweater vests are not the height of fashion and not outerwear. Otherwise, you might be mistaken for an off-duty cheerleader.

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