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October 15, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 15)

Only our bloated federal government could spend $634 million on an inadequate website.

Only our bloated federal government could spend $634 million on an inadequate website.

Sen. Pat Roberts says Kathleen Sebelius should resign as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services over issues involving implementation of the Affordable Care Act. It is Roberts who should resign, for doing nothing to prevent his party from bringing the nation to the brink of financial disaster.

Those who think the Affordable Care Act is ruining the best health care system in the world obviously have never read that the U.S. has the worst health care, for the money spent, of all the industrialized world.

Raising the debt ceiling does not raise the debt. We raised the debt when Congress voted to spend the money. Raising the debt ceiling merely allows us to cover the expenses Congress has already authorized.

Those in the government who should work without pay are the representatives, senators and President Obama, who are not doing their jobs. Their pay should resume when they get their differences resolved.

The Obama administration has done wonders for the liquor industry. He’s driving everybody to drink.

Small businesses built America. Each business had a sales force that made it happen. Politicians and government people hung on other people’s shirttails.

I have paid into Social Security for 48 years and, because of the economy, have been forced to take a reduced payment at age 63. If it will help our deadlocked and out-of-control government spending, I would gladly accept a lump-sum, cash, tax-free payout of my “entitlement.”

We are in France and wanted to visit the American cemetery at the Normandy beaches. They are closed because the Republican members of the House are on strike. We are paying now. “Representative” Mike Pompeo will pay on Election Day.

You wonder why we have the “fattest ‘poor’” in the world? Poor people cannot afford nutritious but expensive fresh products, and are forced to buy high-calorie foods such as starches in order to feel full. Additionally, one mile is a long way to carry groceries.

Sometimes, Leonard, reading your column can really be the Pitts. Your very inaccurate description of Christians gave me heartburn (“Christians not all alike on gay rights,” Oct. 7 Opinion).

I’d like to thank The Eagle for the placement of the new comic strips together at the top of the page. It makes it so much easier to avoid them.

I open the windows to enjoy God’s conditioned air, and some idiot human ruins it by starting a grass fire with cigarettes.

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