Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 14)

10/14/2013 12:00 AM

10/11/2013 5:41 PM

Every state needs to start recall proceedings on their current House delegates. Putting the nation at risk because they don’t like something passed into law three years ago is treason. I am not crazy about the ACA either, but they are separate issues and need to be treated as such.

The election of Barack Obama is an example of what happens when we elect a zealot who appoints operatives with no sense of honor and who plays golf while society deteriorates.

Right now, Joe Biden would be a welcome change to the White House.

Conservatism is not a list of government policies. It is a philosophy of values.

Latest polls show 11 percent of surveyed Americans approve of our lawmakers’ performance. I’d be willing to guess most of those are in the tea party, or just don’t have a clue –maybe both.

I just found out that the government shutdown is Mike Ditka’s fault. He didn’t run against Obama for the Illinois Senate seat.

Libertarians, constitutional conservatives and the tea party are fighting for the soul of our republic? Give me a break.

With the government being shut down, where do they find the people to still collect our taxes? If there is nobody there, where is our money going?

The recent comment that our federal government spends money like a drunken sailor was offensive to all drunken sailors, each of whom not only has feelings but also financial limits.

After paying to ride the bus, you might ask yourself: Do I have a right to take the keys if a driver does not stop close enough to “my” destination? Are there any other passengers on the bus today? Does this sound familiar?

If Massachusetts chooses to pass a law changing the name of apples to “oranges,” that doesn’t mean that Kansas now has recognize all apples as oranges.

Kansas has a favorite son, Dwight D. Eisenhower, who is one of the biggest names in the entire world. This is the name we should use for our airport if we wish to attract new people and businesses to our state. I fear the powers that be will name the airport something dumb, like “Wingnut Airport.”

For your information, newscasters: Eisenhower was born in Denison, Texas, and is therefore a native Texan, not a native Kansan.

Obviously some writer (and too much of the general public) does not know the difference between “lie” and “lay.” See the caption under the photo on Page 1D of the Oct. 9 Eagle. And don’t get me started on “he talked to Bill and I.”

Drive-through customers at the Little Caesars at 13th and Maize: You don’t own the parking lot. Please let people get through to the other businesses there.

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