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10/13/2013 12:00 AM

10/11/2013 5:38 PM

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The government spent more than $600 million and three years developing the Obamacare website, which failed upon start up. Who believes the government will lower health care costs and produce better outcomes?

I’m sure after the website is fixed, all other government involvement in health care will work perfectly.

Big deal about the Obamacare sites not working perfectly in the first week. The Boeing Dreamliner was grounded because of its batteries after being in the making for 11 years. I see politics at work.

Obamacare is on the way at the perfect time in our country’s history. It is based on the principles of equality and humanity. Those intent on keeping the inequality are in denial of this. What they really want is one last try at driving from the back seat.

The 30-hour workweek should be renamed an “Obama week.”

Perhaps we should bring in Vladimir Putin to negotiate the government shutdown.

Most people don’t have a clue who represents them in Congress. We sit back and let Democrats and Republicans blame each other for problems. But if people contact their representatives in government to let them know what they want, maybe this stupid gridlock could actually stop.

Instead of naming the airport after Ike, how about after Robert J. Dole or Garner E. Shriver? Both contributed to Kansas and Wichita in more ways than Eisenhower.

The only sensible and accurate name for the local airport is “Taxpayer Boondoggle International.”

If the railroads are not going to fix railroad crossings, the city could generate funds by setting up tollbooths and charging the occupants of the cars and pickups who now get a free carnival ride as they cross.

Is it just me, or did corporations hijack the breast-cancer awareness movement as a marketing scheme?

It makes me cringe to agree with a tea partier, but Milton Wolf is right that four decades is way too long for anyone to occupy a congressional position. The end of Pat Roberts’ free ride on our dime is long overdue. I only hope Wolf isn’t the successor.

Do you think Kris Kobach has enough time to craft enough laws to suppress the voting rights of any and all Kansans who intend to vote him out of office? He’d be a really busy guy if he tried.

A confident, trusting political party wants everyone to vote. A paranoid, suspicious political party wants to prevent people from voting. Guess which party Kobach belongs to.

Regarding “Helping kids go hungry” (Oct. 10 Eagle Editorial): If you have another baby while on welfare, your poverty will deepen. Having babies is an ability, not a right. We need to quit rewarding irresponsible childbearing.

Regarding Bob Lutz’s “Wichita baseball history fading” (Oct. 9 Sports): To paraphrase the closing lines of King Kong, “’Twas the Shockers that killed the Wranglers.”

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