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10/12/2013 12:00 AM

10/11/2013 5:36 PM

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We already have major national airports named after the two most overrated presidents of the 20th century: Kennedy and Reagan. Naming Wichita’s airport in honor of the most underrated, Eisenhower, is a splendid idea.

If we had a new name for the airport and if Miley Cyrus would learn to keep her clothes on, Kansas and America would have no other problems.

An area a mile away from a grocery store is a “food desert”? Please. And if there’s so much hunger in America, then why do we have the fattest “poor” in the world?

I’m curious as to why Wichita Area Technical College hosted yet-another concert. I thought this was a taxpayer-funded operation. We should leave the entertainment to Intrust Bank Arena, and WATC should focus on education and better use of our tax dollars.

The lawyer who represents the schools was right that we’re short of school funding now not because of the recession that began in 2008, as the state says, but because of the ill-advised and unfair income-tax exemption passed in 2012 for a few to the detriment of many, including our schools.

Being a paranoid independent in a state that has only one opinion, I am not surprised that no one apparently has been able to sign up online with the Affordable Care Act. Do I smell intent to make it fail?

A man comes up to you and says, “Let me burn down your house.” You say “no.” He says, “Let me burn down your bedroom wing.” You say “no.” He says, “At least let me burn down your garage.” You say “no,” and he says you just won’t negotiate.

Reps. Kevin Yoder, Tim Huelskamp, Lynn Jenkins and Mike Pompeo: It’s time to come home. You’re breaking too many things in D.C.

Was America ever exceptional? Perhaps. But not anymore.

A large number of Americans are just like their government. They don’t have a budget, they have more debt than they can afford, and when their source of income is shut off they can’t last a few weeks because they haven’t saved anything.

President Obama has an automatic 22 percent positive rating from those low-information citizens who will always have a positive opinion of him until he bombs their house or something. Currently his positive rating is 37 percent, which means it’s actually just 15 percent of those who are paying attention.

Why is it that every Harley owner feels it’s necessary to rev up the bike 15 times at a stoplight? We get it – you got a bike.

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