Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 10)

10/10/2013 12:00 AM

10/09/2013 5:33 PM

Employers should not reduce employees’ hours to avoid Obamacare. Lay off some of the employees. The rest should work more hours. Fewer employees, less health insurance to buy.

This is the 43rd time the tea party folks have tried to save us from the scourge of Obamacare. I’m sure they must have a better way to provide the affordable private insurance that is so desperately needed. I’d be happy to consider it, should they decide to share it.

What do you think the reaction would be if the Democrats blocked the raising of the debt ceiling unless the Republicans accepted a gun-reform bill or the repeal the Second Amendment?

Obama is a spoiled brat – it’s his way or the highway. When are people going to get that through their heads? He doesn’t care if you suffer.

Will the mandated paid furloughs necessitate additional expenses of paying overtime for the now-vacationing nonessential employees to get caught up, considering they were already behind before the furlough?

I wrote Sen. Pat Roberts and asked for him to quit playing this game of high-stakes poker. He responded with how bad the president and Democrats are, with no solutions. Apparently he needs thousands from this area to write and tell him to quit the grandstanding and run our country.

Since 2010, the Republicans and tea partiers have been the party of “no, no, no,” obstructing everything that came down the pike. Now that President Obama is standing strong with his non-negotiating on a clean spending bill, he’s giving them a taste of their own medicine. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

The U.S. not being able to pay its debt is no big deal. This country is now full of people who run up debts and then whine, deny and try to disappear when someone else tries to get them to pay the money back.

If you took one week of economics, you would know that running a house is not even close to running the USA’s finances. Do you have a Pentagon in your house?

The tea party is just the John Birch Society in trendier clothes.

Amazing how at certain angles, Ted Cruz resembles Joseph McCarthy.

There they go again – Koch Industries is making an office expansion. Liberals think the Koch brothers do all that without adding jobs to the economy.

While spending for our public schools is at an all-time high, academic achievement continues to collapse. But to mask the real situation, far too many liberal educators use “social promotion” whereby just about every pupil is handed a diploma. That bodes poorly for the future of this republic.

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