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10/10/2013 12:00 AM

10/09/2013 5:33 PM

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The Eagles concert Monday night at Intrust Bank Arena was totally fantastic. However, it felt like a circus was in town and the clowns were handling the crowd control. Very unprofessional.

While the arena was being built, many people complained that there was not enough parking. I attended the sold-out Eagles concert, parked 2 1/2 blocks away and paid $5. I was pleasantly surprised.

Intrust Bank Arena cost taxpayers $205 million. I paid $320 for concert tickets and they can’t turn on the air conditioning. Can we vote on a new management company?

Are you paying attention? Not only is government not able, some say deliberately, of setting up computer networks to handle the expected traffic for insurance exchanges, but local, state and especially federal computers are hacked daily. You want them to handle your very life?

So now the Obamacare website issue is a design flaw that causes users to have to create a user account? Hundreds of shopping, social networking sites and blogs all require user accounts and operate just fine. The Eagle should stop publishing administration lies.

How do the Democrats find it wise to segregate the disabled with that 2.3 percent special tax on durable medical supplies?

President Obama is right to not give in. Congress had an entire year to make its case on a budget and should not be waiting until the due date to negotiate. If this isn’t stopped now, future budgets will be a game of brinkmanship, no matter which party is in control.

Letter to Congress: You’re fired. Signed, your constituents.

As Obama works to secure his legacy, attempting to bar World War II veterans from their memorial will stand out. If he were capable of shame, he would realize that.

Why do the charities need us to send money to Washington to have it sent back to Wichita? It seems there is a more efficient path. I guess that is true for a lot of things.

Once again, Davis Merritt has written a commentary full of facts, common sense and, dare I say, wisdom (“Radical right is creating its own train wreck,” Oct. 3 Opinion). He must feel like a voice in the wilderness in Kansas.

Comics? Really? The new ones insult the intelligence of anyone old enough to read.

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