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October 9, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 9)

The government “slim-down” should have been happening all along without the pressure of the GOP.

The government “slim-down” should have been happening all along without the pressure of the GOP.

Everyone working in the federal government must be held accountable, starting with elected officials, especially in Congress. If their bank account is larger now than when they were first elected – automatic investigation.

Political progressives swallowed the Democratic Party years ago and are infecting the Republican Party as well. The so-called GOP moderates who simply go along to get along are spineless, big-spending villains. Libertarians, constitutional conservatives and the tea party are fighting for the soul of our republic.

Did you know that neurosurgeon Ben Carson was visited by the IRS after he stood up against Obamacare while standing just a few feet from Obama? Did you know Obama has said Republicans need to do it his way and he is not willing to compromise? Aren’t we living under a dictator?

It is time our representatives realize that they were not elected by 100 percent of Kansans. They need to represent those of us who didn’t vote for them. I need and want the ACA. Stop using that as an excuse to vote against funding.

If the Republicans are supposed to be conservative, then why do they vote to increase the debt limit every time someone thinks we need to increase it?

Republicans are their own worst enemies. They just gave the majority in the House of Representatives to the Democrats in the next election.

The government does not have the money to let you into landmarks. But it does have the money to have people keep you out. Third-grade lunacy.

You far-right people want to run everything. That is unconstitutional. Get with the program before we default and gas goes sky-high. If you want to stop something, start with your mouths.

In the 2014 midterm campaigns, delusional far-right Republican candidates will be trying to hang the moniker “tea partier” around the necks of their insanely delusional extreme-right opponents. It will be a wonderful thing to watch.

Big tax cuts for the rich and corporations to improve the economy through trickle-down economics – Republicans approve and it doesn’t work. Health insurance and jobs through the government – Republicans say “no” and shut the government down because it might work.

If you would compare our country to a huge corporation in which Congress is the board of directors and the president is the CEO, whom would you blame for the company’s demise and possible bankruptcy?

If I didn’t wear an orange T-shirt to the Koch Industries groundbreaking, would I have been fired?

Why is gasoline higher in Wichita than the current $2.98 a gallon in Oklahoma City and Dallas?

There is not enough Justin Timberlake on TV.

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