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10/09/2013 12:00 AM

10/08/2013 5:19 PM

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All spending bills must originate in the House. The Republican House voted for all the money needed to keep the government going, except for Obamacare. The Democratic Senate refused to pass the House’s bill. Based on the facts, who shut down the government?

Let’s cut a few hundred billion dollars from the federal budget before we start talking about raising the debt ceiling. And let’s make those cuts in real terms, not just the rate of growth of spending by Uncle Sam.

The government has been shut down 17 times, with no long-lasting consequences. Most people don’t even remember the times it happened before.

Nonessential federal workers will receive back pay. In the private sector, we call that a “free vacation” at taxpayers’ expense.

To those who think the government has never done anything to improve our lives: The land you are sitting on was purchased by Thomas Jefferson (with federal dollars) for far less than a penny an acre. If he had not acted, there would be no “Kansas.”

Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer said that “the best decisions are made closest to the people” (Oct. 4 Opinion). What about when slavery needed to be ended or civil (including voting) rights guaranteed? How easily (and conveniently) we forget why we sometimes need a strong national government.

If Colyer is such an expert on health care, perhaps he should explain to Kansas hospitals why they are not getting paid efficiently as a result of his and Gov. Sam Brownback’s great experiment in KanCare.

I am a working Kansan who cannot afford health insurance. If I become injured or seriously ill, I am going to Brownback’s office. Surely he will have an alternative plan to get me affordable insurance.

It makes you wonder why we keep the TSA on the government’s payroll as an essential program when it can be outsmarted by a 9-year-old.

I’m tired of complaining about politics so I’m switching to toilet paper. Charmin shaved about 2 inches off the width of each roll and claims you use less. Duh – if it isn’t as wide as it used to be, you do use less. They really are on a roll (pun intended).

The dictionary defines Darwinism as a theory, so why would any self-respecting educator teach it as a fact?

How sad – Howdy Doody has lowered himself by trying to sing while half-naked. Oh, wait – maybe that was Miley Cyrus.

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