Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 8)

10/08/2013 12:00 AM

10/07/2013 6:48 PM

Budgetary blackmail – let’s just call it what it is. Hey, I know, GOP: Let’s go after Social Security next, or you name it. This tactic should work to overturn anything the GOP doesn’t like, right?

Many of us believe that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama are the obstructionists, not House Speaker John Boehner.

With the government shut down, does that mean can I stop paying all federal taxes?

The feds have shut down about half of the government and sent home those employees they determined are nonessential. If these employees are not essential, why did the government hire them in the first place?

President Obama supports full back pay for furloughed federal workers. Getting paid for not working – the government way.

How about that leadership style shown by House Republicans like Rep. Tim Huelskamp? By getting House members to unanimously agree to someday pay back wages to laid-off federal workers, the Republicans guaranteed payment of wages to government employees for not working. Then they blame the president for this development.

There is nothing affordable about the Affordable Care Act.

So the Republicans will shut down the government and put this nation in danger from our enemies – the middle class, the women, the old, those in need of medical services and the children. They care for no one but their rich backers. How sad. I’m sorry I ever voted for any of them.

Barack Obama’s administration can best be compared to a Shakespearean tragedy performed by the worst theater company in the world at the food court in the mall.

There is a government shutdown. Well, 17 percent of the government is shut down. So 83 percent is operating. Another overblown Washington fairy tale.

Richard Crowson’s Oct. 6 editorial cartoon, depicting the tea party tail wagging the Republican elephant, was spot-on. He has nailed the primary reason House Republicans are at odds with each other and our country is in crisis.

Note to the GOP: You control only one-third of the federal government. The Democrats control two-thirds. Obama was re-elected despite Obamacare. End your preoccupation with Obamacare and begin governing.

How can the government fine for no health insurance, yet the state doesn’t do anything to those who drive without car insurance and get tags?

It’s laughable that someone should applaud Rep. Mike Pompeo’s stand against “wasteful” taxpayer handouts (for wanting to eliminate tax breaks for wind energy) when Pompeo and his party fight every effort to cut the $40 billion over 10 years that the far more profitable oil and gas industry gets.

Wichita’s airport can’t be renamed “international” anything, because it handles only domestic flights and lacks customs capabilities for passengers. Words have meaning.

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