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10/06/2013 12:00 AM

10/04/2013 6:14 PM

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Too bad we have a pathetic, pouting, partisan president when we really need a leader. The United States could use a Reagan or a Kennedy about now.

Welcome to the Democratic Theater production of “We Want It Only Our Way,” a story about throwing a tantrum and closing sidewalks, parking lots and the exteriors of monuments because we think it makes a point about our effort at forcing socialized medicine on people.

It is obvious that Republican John Boehner would rather hundreds of thousands of Americans lose their jobs than lose his. Let the House vote. It’s that simple.

If Americans wanted the ACA repealed, they would have elected Mitt Romney and more Republicans to office, not Obama and more Democrats. All parents know not to give in to tantrum throwers but to ignore them. Has Boehner never had kids?

Some folks may find Obamacare fine for them – for now at least. But it forces a real and unfair hardship on thousands of others. And it’s bound to increase our indebtedness, and we are already up to our eyeballs. Our grandbabies will bear the brunt.

The GOP House sends up various funding legislation, and the only comeback of the Democrats and President Obama is that they “will not negotiate.” It seems to me that Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are the obstructionists.

Throw the tea party overboard.

I thought the tea party was dead.

I believe in God, country and the Constitution. According to Harry Reid, that makes me an anarchist.

Isn’t a loan default when you don’t ever pay the loan off, not just missing a payment?

With the government shutdown, could “Beetle Bailey” please be furloughed? That strip is clearly nonessential.

No one’s saying the rich shouldn’t be allowed to live high on the hog. They’re just saying some of their wealth accumulated out of the enormous opportunity created by our society should be used to wash the hogs’ behind for the rest of us.

Baby boomers: “In my day we spent our disposable income on toys, like all-terrain vehicles, RVs and in-ground pools.” Millennials: “What is disposable income?”

I have seen an addiction in teens with cellphone texting. They can’t put down their phones long enough to eat, engage in a thoughtful conversation or do homework. A major dropout of students from school may soon follow.

Of 7 billion people on Earth, 1.3 billion lack access to electricity on a daily basis. I won’t complain the next time I lose my electricity for an hour. We forget how blessed we are.

Every citizen of Wichita and Sedgwick County should be proud of our historical museum.

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