Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 7)

10/04/2013 5:39 PM

10/04/2013 5:39 PM

The shutdown of our government by the tea party and other House Republicans is not just a great expense and doing great harm; it is without any merit. It’s just a childish maneuver that they – and we – will pay for later.

Obama, Reid and the other Democrats wanted a government shutdown. That’s why they’ve refused to negotiate. They know the Republicans will be assailed by their media propagandists, which may benefit Democrats’ election chances in 2014.

I believe an evil spirit has invaded the Republican Party, appealing to greed, lust for power, pride and arrogance, passing off as a good (against abortion). However, it does not respect life. Sadly, the people of Kansas and much of the U.S. are blind followers.

If I did not allow any shoppers into a store, I would be jailed. How about John Boehner?

The shutdown is costing taxpayers more than a million dollars a day? That’s chump change. A lot will be saved if federal workers are not caught up on pay later.

The government is shut down and left-wing media are saying it costs taxpayers $300 million a day? Must be the “new math.”

Did it ever occur to those of you who went online to check out the website for the new health care law that you were causing the site to go down? Or was this a deliberate attempt to lock up the system, so that you could stand back and say, “I told you so”?

If the American people don’t like the Affordable Care Act, as Republicans insist, why are so many trying to sign up for it that they are overwhelming computer systems?

Our wonderful president is trying to do so much good for so many people that anyone standing in his way has to be motivated by only racism and hatred.

The most compelling and clear evidence to show that our education system is broken and needs real reform is that we could elect a man like Barack Obama to the highest office in American government. This is obviously some kind of joke, and to see it play out is frightening.

Our president should negotiate in “line-veto” authority, effective beginning with the budget settlement. That way, if “those” people defund the Affordable Care Act, he can veto it.

Before we attack any other country, let’s find a way to stop the proliferation of firearms and school massacres in our country.

To the person who said lemmings wear their sunglasses on their heads now: You need more to do than complain about silly issues such as this. It is my head and my sunglasses, and I’ll use them as I choose. It doesn’t affect anyone else.

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