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10/05/2013 12:00 AM

10/04/2013 5:23 PM

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There is some good coming out of the shutdown. President Obama canceled his boondoggle trip to Asia. If we could put Air Force One and the rest of his private air-taxi fleet into storage, we might even be able to balance the budget.

Obama is the most vicious, divisive, polarizing president this country has ever seen. The continued attacks by him and his storm troopers on the Republican Party are beyond the standards of decency. How and why he was ever re-elected I will never understand.

Shame on you who rejoice in other people being laid off because of the government shutdown. Just like you, these people have families, mortgages, bills to pay and food to buy.

On one hand, Republicans are telling us that President Obama’s refusal to compromise caused the government shutdown. On the other hand, they are telling us that the shutdown is a good thing. Does this mean that they are praising Obama for his courage?

How utterly sad and disgusting to see America now running on Cruz control.

The federal employees being furloughed or laid off should not be losing their wages. It should start with the president and both houses of Congress.

Anyone who thinks the tea party is destroying the Republican Party is gravely mistaken. The GOP is self-destructing because it lost its way with big-government and big-spending legislation. Hopefully, tea party Republicans can bring the party back home to core Republican values and principles.

There are three basic concepts one must grasp to understand the Democrat philosophy of government: Gimme, gimme, gimme.

The exchanges are being swamped by people wanting to enroll. That proves there’s an enormous demand for Obamacare. Obamacare will work, it will be wildly popular, it will save the country huge amounts of money, and – one other thing – the Republican Party has just destroyed itself.

Many of us with long memories would not put it past the Republicans to have people hacking into the new health care exchanges and doing any mischief they can to discredit this effort. Remember Watergate.

Where’s the outrage about the Connecticut mother being shot by police? The car was semi-surrounded by men with guns. Couldn’t they shoot her tires out? It’s unbelievable that she lost her life, and for what? And her 1-year-old is without her mother.

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