Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 4)

10/04/2013 12:00 AM

10/03/2013 5:30 PM

The congressional Democrats have quickly assumed the title of the “no” party, unwilling to negotiate in the name of their constituents.

To shut down government should be considered an act of treason, and the perpetrators should now be in jail.

We need to furlough the House and Senate. They cannot get anything done, and we would save a mint on wages that can’t produce results. Cut their pensions and health insurance, too, and see how long the shutdown lasts.

For the Republicans to place blame for the government shutdown anywhere but squarely on their own shoulders is the exact equivalent of abusers blaming the victims for causing whatever heinous, abusive behavior is inflicted upon them. They really think we’re all beyond stupid. Are we?

Shame on Congress for hurting the very people it is to represent. Stop this party arguing and get to work.

The government did not shut down at midnight on Sept. 30. The government shut down when the Republicans gained a majority in the House of Representatives.

Two very nonessential parts of our government we can do without: sending aid to our enemies and paying Joe Biden.

Republicans don’t want affordable health care for two reasons: If successful, it will make President Obama look good, and affordable health care helps the 95 percent they don’t represent.

I read that the process for enrolling for coverage through Obama’s health care law involves federal agencies verifying your identity, citizenship and income. That’s OK with me, and I don’t see it as racist at all. So neither is verifying one’s identity and citizenship before allowing them to vote.

I am a Republican who has wanted Obamacare to go through without delay. That way, maybe people will see how horrible it will be and maybe the Democrat Party will be destroyed because of it. Oh, wait – it will still be President Bush’s fault.

I am moving from Dodge City to Kansas City. I will miss the people. I will not miss the wind.

Am I the only one tired of seeing pink everywhere?

I enjoy Wild West movies, and now I can go to Old Town and watch gunfight for real. I will not be bored again.

Am I the only one aware enough of what is going on around me to realize I am very offended by the attack on Pearl Harbor re-creation at the Wichita Flight Festival?

As far as the NASCAR chase for the championship goes, I’m for “ABC”: anyone but Clint. NASCAR should have thrown Clint Bowyer out of the chase. Period.

I-135 is and will remain the Canal Route. Actually, we call it the Root Canal.

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