Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 3)

10/03/2013 12:00 AM

10/02/2013 6:04 PM

Welcome to Wichita. Be prepared to sit endlessly at red lights, with zero oncoming traffic. Wichita traffic engineers must own tons of stock in gasoline.

How can anyone be considered honest and trustworthy if he violates traffic laws? Obviously, the vast majority cannot be trusted, and making it even worse is that these folks really don’t care.

Instead of wasting tax money on bike paths, it should be spent on education and traffic law enforcement involving bicyclists. Every bicyclist I see ignores stop signals and signs worse than this city’s vehicle drivers do.

The true idiot is the one who pulls out in front of me after misjudging my speed and causes me to brake to avoid an accident, then is able to delude himself into thinking I would speed up.

It’s the 21st century. We should rename Wichita Mid-Continent Airport either iPort or MyPort.

All those who voted for change received change in the form of higher food, gasoline, utilities, cable and everything else due to the current government attack on all business. Quit complaining and blaming businesses for trying to comply with Washington’s mandates.

House Republicans didn’t blink, but it’s not what you think. To blink you must first have your eyes open.

If fiscal year 2014 government funding is not approved yet, how is it that NBC, MSNBC and CNN are still operating? They must fall under mandatory spending.

In his continuing anti-government screed, columnist Cal Thomas blames Social Security for women’s pay inequity (Oct. 2 Opinion). Oh, the cocksure ideological mind. He should be in the House.

The middle class continues to suffer under President Obama as the unemployment situation remains grim. And he wants to legalize some 12 million illegal immigrants. Amnesty would be a disaster for the middle class, and folks must realize that his thinking is purely political.

I heard a respected conservative say that if nutritional programs were impacted by the shutdown, people wouldn’t starve. He said the states, communities and churches could take care of them. But our state government isn’t interested in feeding the hungry, and community food banks and churches are already begging for more food.

Speaker John Boehner is not one of the kamikaze House Republicans responsible for our government’s shutdown, but we are being held hostage by them. And, unfortunately, one of our own, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, is one of the leaders. Some of us Republicans cannot sort out the good from the bad.

Republicans don’t hate everybody. They just feel so strongly about their convictions that everyone should suffer because they won’t compromise.

The government is shutting down most services but has money to set up a barricade to stop World War II veterans from entering their memorial. The idiocy of bureaucrats.

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