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10/03/2013 12:00 AM

10/02/2013 6:04 PM

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It is pretty bad when the federal government has to go out of its way to remind us it is shut down. We could easily cut it in half and feel little pain.

The shutdown should have occurred $17 trillion ago.

Our government leaders need to get back to honoring each other as fellow human beings who want what is right for the country. Our Founding Fathers would have never behaved this way.

Republicans want a smaller federal government. I hope the shutdown lasts for a couple months so we can see if a smaller federal government really works.

It’s almost a cathartic feeling knowing that our bloated government is shut down.

The GOP says Democrats are responsible for the government shutdown. Right – the party that hates government was trying to save it? We’re not stupid. We know the GOP sees government as the problem. Republicans aren’t obstructionists; they’re destructionists.

Wake up, fellow Republicans – the GOP is self-destructing. The tea party has hijacked the Republican Party, and we the people need to elect a clean slate to Congress.

It is scary that just a small portion of our Congress and House can shut down the entire government. What is even scarier is that we chose them as the best of those who ran for office.

In 2014, send a message: Do not re-elect anyone petty enough to let the government shut down.

Evidently, the GOP is supposed to stand idly by while President Obama and his cronies create more entitlement programs and spend our country into oblivion. I’m sure the Democrats will quietly stand around and watch while the GOP rebuilds after the 2016 election.

I don’t see how having more Americans with health insurance is bad for the country. I don’t see how having more people get preventive care such as mammograms is bad for our country. Those sound like good things.

Why isn’t Joe Biden on the “nonessential” government employee list?

Deport Sen. Ted Cruz.

What a grandstand act by Rep. Lynn Jenkins in giving up her paycheck. Give her a gold star.

Korea is still the forgotten war; 8,000 are still not home. Who cares? I do, as an ex-prisoner of war.

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