Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 2)

10/02/2013 12:00 AM

10/01/2013 5:59 PM

The only compromising and bipartisanship going on in Washington over the continuing budget resolution are on the part of the House Republicans. Democrats won’t negotiate even for the good of the country.

Are we the fools for electing these fools? When will they stop acting like spoiled little children and do what’s right for this country and the people who pay for this mess?

Finally, Obama got something right. Good job of shutting down the government and saving a few bucks for the next generation. Thanks to Harry Reid and the rest of the team, too.

The Republican Party is no longer just the anti-Democrat Party. With its rampant gerrymandering and voter suppression activities, it’s become the anti-democracy party.

My college adviser told me in 1973 that the Supreme Court’s legalization of abortion would be the most disruptive law ever inflicted by our government. I think Obamacare is going to be a close second.

A reasoned debate limited to defunding Obamacare is certainly appropriate. But to use the debt ceiling to blackmail Democrats and moderates into doing so is seriously misguided. It makes one wonder it the Republicans are just foolish or also suicidal.

Make sure the Congress, President Obama and family and I have the same health care.

Why does Joe Lunchbucket, who keeps getting less spendable income, fewer benefits and fewer job opportunities, keep voting for corporate-owned politicians who want to keep them there?

The Keystone pipeline has nothing to do with our gas prices. Nothing. The tar sands are for export. Employment will be minimal. Drone on about another bullet point you hear from Rush Limbaugh or Fox News.

KU professor David Guth generated uproar and outrage among pro-gun proponents with an inappropriate tweet. Yet those same people can’t muster even the minutest fraction of uproar and outrage over incident after incident of mass killings due to gun violence. I guess we really do cling to our guns and religion.

I would support the name change for the airport to Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower International. However, I am sure that here in Doo-Dah it will quickly become the “Ikeport.”

I have names for the new airport: How about Doo-Dah Airport, or Cow Town Airport or, better yet, Carl Brewer Airport? Yes, that’s it – Carl Brewer International Airport. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

Why not call the new Wichita airport the Eisenhower/Kapaun Memorial Airport? We retain the ICT call letters, regardless of what we call it.

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