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10/02/2013 12:00 AM

10/01/2013 5:59 PM

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The U.S. is being held hostage by fewer than 50 ultraconservative Congress members.

Thank you, Republicans, for showing me that taking my family hostage to get peas off the menu is a legitimate strategy.

What do you call thousands of federal employees being furloughed? A good start.

The truth is finally clear: Republicans hate President Obama more than they love our country.

Tuesday was the first day that Obama hasn’t been able to try to spend America into oblivion, and the first step toward success.

The president and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that the Republicans weren’t willing to compromise on Obamacare and that is why the government had to shut down. How is going to them with three different plans not compromising?

Now that the United States government is shut down, I think everyone involved just needs to be sent home and told not to return. Let’s furlough the whole bunch and get a whole new crew.

Liberals think they can negotiate with evil – that the power and intellect of their rhetoric will sway evil people to do good things. They are determined to talk with Iran and the Taliban, both of which will deceive this administration.

I’d like to see some verifiable numbers showing how many new jobs have been created in Kansas because of the income-tax cuts.

How refreshing to see teacher Emilee McCoskey on the front page of the Monday Eagle in proper classroom attire. She knows how to look like a professional. We need more like her.

The Old Town area was safer back when it was ruled by the winos and homeless.

Remind me what the purpose of fixing up Old Town was again? Was it really just to give people a place to get drunk?

With the ever-increasing number of drivers ignoring the speed limits, and not enough law enforcement, the city may want to gain extra revenue by taking down the speed-limit signs and selling the scrap metal.

The employees at the McDonald’s in my neighborhood are so nice and friendly that I feel like going through the drive-through just to say “hi,” even if I’m not buying anything.

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