Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 1)

10/01/2013 12:00 AM

09/30/2013 6:52 PM

I still haven’t seen where our great president and family have signed up for Obamacare. Why is that?

Obamacare is the single worst thing to happen to this country. That’s what this right-wing Republican knows.

A lot of people will thank the GOP if it can prevail and defund Obamacare.

Ted Cruz’s grandstanding non-filibuster is a great example of the reason most people are so disgusted by politics today. Instead of working through the system, the minority of tea party Republicans are acting like spoiled children who are willing to ruin the economy to make a point.

Republicans in Congress who want to defund or repeal Obamacare or they will shut down the government remind me of little children who threaten to hold their breath until they get their way.

Young people think they will never need health insurance. That is their right. But they should not expect taxpayers or those of us who do buy health insurance to bail them out with free emergency medical care if they cannot afford to pay for that care.

What is dividing and diminishing the Republican Party? Two words: tea party.

There are two types of people who vote for Democrats – people who are smart enough to know better and people who aren’t smart enough to know better whom they want to control.

The fact that someone is uneducated enough to actually believe that lives could have been saved if Navy Yard victims and employees had been carrying guns is precisely why there should be gun-restriction laws. Shooting only begets more shooting.

If you are not planning on attacking me, why are you so concerned that I have a gun to protect myself?

I’m sorry, but one nut job with a gun murdering several people doesn’t justify trampling the rights of millions. If the medical professionals who had previously diagnosed these psychos had the authority to have them committed, the shootings wouldn’t have happened.

Go ahead and rename the airport after President Eisenhower or whatever you want. But it is and will remain Mid-Continent, just as I-135 is and will remain the Canal Route.

If you think Gregg Marshall’s salary comes from Wichita State University, you really don’t know much about booster groups, college salaries or basketball in general.

With all the people being killed on motorcycles, you’d think the powers that be would outlaw motorcycles. Motorcycles are dangerous. Deadly. They should be banned.

How much longer must we endure those awful Cox commercials on TV? They are so stupid, and run so often, that it is no longer enough to just mute them. I have to change the channel.

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