Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 30)

09/30/2013 12:00 AM

09/27/2013 6:04 PM

I keep getting phone calls from Rep. Tim Huelskamp saying he is my congressman and acting like I agree with him. He is not my congressman (Mike Pompeo is), and I do not agree with him. I think he is a menace to the world. How do I stop him?

The fight against the Affordable Care Act required one last stupid, futile gesture. And Ted Cruz was just the guy to do it. With an assist from Pat Roberts, of course.

A letter writer asked the president to do something about mental health care. Hello – mental health services are part of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Republican senators are trying to get rid of it.

I would take the House Republicans more seriously if their bill to defund Obamacare had stipulated that their families, too, would go uninsured.

President Obama promised us that our health insurance would be cheaper under Obamacare. I was just informed mine will be going up 32.7 percent next year.

Thanks, Affordable Care Act. My insurance will double this year.

The 28 percent who think the government is headed in the right direction probably wouldn’t have been polled if the government hadn’t given them a free phone.

Income equality is all the rage. What return do shareholders make on their stock investments? On average, only 7 to 10 percent per year. Shareholders aren’t stealing the pie from workers as portrayed by liberals.

What are we doing to each other? Westar Energy shareholders received a 10 percent increase with the previous rate increase. Now, Kansas’ most needy stand to lose $33 million in food-stamp aid. I’ll bet Westar shareholders don’t miss any meals. Maybe that’s how the term “fat cats” originated.

People wanting our airport to be renamed have overlooked the obvious: “Obama International.” Our honorable president has Kansas roots. Also, many people flying out of Wichita Mid-Continent have international itineraries.

It is not surprising that traveling freak shows no longer exist. One only has to walk in public to see freaks with tattoos, piercings, stretched earlobes, implants of all kinds, hair in colors never seen in nature and cut bizarrely, and clothing that can barely be called clothing.

WSU men’s basketball coach Gregg Marshall will be paid $1.6 million. How much do the educators make? You know – the ones who actually educate the students.

The Jet Bar-B-Q is for sale. This is a great opportunity for someone to open a restaurant with a firehouse interior complete with a pole from the second floor to the first. This could be an extension of Old Town. A great place to eat and attract tourists.

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