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09/30/2013 12:00 AM

09/27/2013 5:59 PM

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Obviously we don’t have a federal debt limit, because anytime we get close, Congress is afraid not to extend it. So the supposed limit is a joke.

I looked up the word “dysfunctional” in the dictionary and it said: “See House Republicans.”

Now the Republican leaders are telling young adults not to get health insurance. Never mind that one illness or an accident without health insurance could lead to financial ruin. That is how low the GOP has sunk.

I just received my Medicare Plan D premium notice for 2014. The premium will go up 51 percent compared with 2013. How do you justify that kind of increase? Is anyone minding the store?

I predict there will be more people without health insurance once Obamacare is implemented. Any bets?

A recent poll showed that 12 percent of Republicans approved of Obamacare but 22 percent approved of the Affordable Care Act. Such ignorance is not surprising when your main source of information is Fox News.

If President Obama fails to approve the building of the Keystone XL pipeline, look for unemployment to continue to rise and for gasoline prices to continue to rise. Those are two increases we don’t need.

Kudos to Colvin Elementary School teacher Brianna Falvey and to The Eagle for printing her great story (Sept. 26 Eagle). As a veteran teacher, I know and appreciate her hard work and dedication to her students. Our schools need to continue to recognize, support and nurture these fine young educators.

We all want a great road system, but the federal highway trust fund is going broke and some want to raise gas taxes. I suggest they work on improving materials for longevity, utilize more efficient road-building techniques, and put an end to 10 people standing around watching one guy work.

Police should monitor the intersection at 13th and Tyler when Northwest High School students are dismissed. I recently saw more than a dozen students disregard traffic, lights and crossing signals. Cars making green-arrow turns had to stop in the intersection to let the students meander across. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

You want in my driving lane? Better use your turn signal or it won’t happen.

I have never understood “reality” shows. They’re anything but reality. I would encourage people to turn off that garbage and do something more constructive, like sit out on the front porch and watch their car bumpers rust.

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