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09/28/2013 12:00 AM

09/27/2013 5:46 PM

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To vote, Mexico requires a tamper-proof photo ID, a thumbprint and an embossed hologram. So how is it that we can’t upgrade to Mexican standards without being called racist? Maybe it’s because one political party is dependent on voter fraud.

The president could have the southern border secured within weeks by deploying the military in full force. It’s a constitutional mandate of the president to protect the country, and it’s the military’s job. And it’s not going to war, so Congress couldn’t say jack about it.

How can the selection of judges by one person, the governor, be construed as democratic?

The Democrats and Republicans are beginning to remind me of the Shiite and Sunni Muslims: They are too busy fighting each other to unite and work together for the common good.

How much better will the economy have to get for the naysayers to quit spreading their messages of doom?

Our Founding Fathers would be called extremists and terrorists by the media today.

The Affordable Care Act is one of the best things to ever happen to this country, and the right-wing Republicans know it.

I consider myself a “conservative” because I believe I can conserve and spend the money I earn through hard work and dedication better than huge socialized government programs can spend it. Show me a huge government-regulated program and I will show you billions in waste.

A man who believes that a free lunch is actually free is not only a fool but a slave. Slavery comes in many forms. Debt is slavery. Dependency is slavery. “Free lunch” is a deal with the devil, and the devil will always get his due.

If one Navy Yard employee had broken the law and exercised the right to carry, it could have saved many lives. The liberal news media would rather see 12 people dead than one person defending himself and others with a gun. It takes a gun to stop a gun.

Two Amelia Earhart airports in the same state would be confusing. Atchison claimed the name Amelia Earhart Memorial Airport long ago.

Why do single women have affairs with married men? Don’t they care about the pain and misery this causes, even if they are not “caught”? There are many great single guys out there. Surely they could find someone who hasn’t pledged to forsake all others.

If you can get a team to the Final Four, maybe you would get a pay raise, too. Stop complaining about the good job done by others.

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