Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 27)

09/27/2013 12:00 AM

09/26/2013 5:41 PM

I know for a fact that military service helps build character and discipline, and does worlds of good for many young people. But this is America, not Europe. We draft when we have to, and that’s it. I am against mandatory military service.

When some people want college help to pay their bills but refuse to serve in the military, why should they get help?

We must do away with all “professional politicians” of any party title and replace them with “citizen leaders” for our nation to prosper instead of decline, as we are now doing.

Our government is a Goliath of irrationality as we give people food stamps, medical care, housing aid, educational loans and grants, social services, job and training assistance, and energy assistance. Recipients, in turn, vote for these giveaway politicians. No wonder we are in a sea of red ink.

If you want to apologize to the whole world for voting for Obama for president, go ahead. But just don’t apologize for me and the majority for electing him president.

Why should we get involved anymore in the world’s affairs? The president would like to talk about our economy, but so much money is wasted in these scandals. How many countries come to our aid when we need it?

Before recycling your old Yellow Pages telephone directory, tear out the Sedgwick County section from the blue “Government” pages. That section is missing in the new directory, and those numbers may be handy to have.

If you’re tired of getting phone books, throw them away and use Safari on your computer. It’s faster, and there is no pile of useless phone books.

Regarding “Doctors don’t need fancy offices” (Sept. 19 Letters to the Editor): I would rather visit my doctor in a nice office than in a hovel. Ever hear of a tax shelter?

WSU, really? Hiring a headhunter recruiting company to increase enrollment? How about lowering tuition cost so more locals could attend?

If so few people are affected by voter ID laws, why the mountain of resistance? Methinks someone doth protest too much.

Name the new airport terminal after President Eisenhower.

The airport already has the best name: Wichita Mid-Continent Airport.

How about the Wichita More-or-Less International Airplane Taking Off and Landing Place?

Speed-limit signs anywhere in Wichita are only a suggestion.

After spending a day at the Kansas State Fair, I can report that many Kansans are overweight and out of shape, and don’t know how to dress properly to go out in public.

To the anonymous person who bought my lunch at On the Border on Sept. 14: Thank you. I will pay it forward at Christmastime.

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