Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 26)

09/26/2013 12:00 AM

09/25/2013 5:26 PM

It is hard to figure who are the bigger cowards – the idiots who go to Old Town and fire into an innocent crowd, or the idiots who witness the shooting and then refuse to help the police.

Just like a liberal: Spew hatred against the NRA, then cry foul when it backfires.

The moral standing of those who strongly support Second Amendment rights is greatly compromised by their opposition to KU professor David Guth’s First Amendment rights.

Guth should be fired for his reprehensible comments with regard to the Washington Navy Yard shootings. KU faculty should not embarrass the university. That is what the football team is for.

How many of the mass killers were members of the NRA? How many were Republicans or conservatives? How many were Democrats or Obama supporters? You could answer that, but won’t because you know the answer flies in the face of the establishment liberal dogma.

Here we go again. We are you going have another government shutdown. The world is going to end. Blah, blah, blah. Then they strike a last-minute deal to borrow trillions more. Pathetic. Why do we entrust these incompetent buffoons with that kind of money and power?

Sen. Ted Cruz – what a joke. He is willing to destroy this country for his own personal gain. God save us from the likes of this demigod. Probably too late for the Republican Party.

The only time Cruz made sense during his long anti-health care speech was when he read “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Will Canada please take back immigrant Ted Cruz?

The Republicans’ greatest fear of the Affordable Care Act is that it will work as intended.

Ask a senior citizen whether they like Medicare if you think government-run health care is best. See if they ever had difficulty changing doctors because so many physicians won’t accept new Medicare patients.

Gee, the Republicans want to drop Obamacare. If so, shouldn’t they also drop LBJcare (Medicare) and RooseveltCare (Social Security)? All of these have or will cost taxpayers – and employers – a great deal of money and yet provide only a small benefit.

If I were WSU men’s basketball coach Gregg Marshall, I’d be upset. The Sedgwick County Zoo’s elephants got more money than he did. They must have a better agent.

We’re tired of all our local TV stations replaying taped weather reports that are not real time and never include the current temperatures. Quit it or lose us totally to the Internet and radio. You are losing value every time you do it.

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