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September 26, 2013

Opinion Line (Sept. 26)

Most shootings seem to happen at closing time. So let bars stay open around the clock, or close all bars at 10 p.m.

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Most shootings seem to happen at closing time. So let bars stay open around the clock, or close all bars at 10 p.m.

In truth, our society never left the “Wild West days.” All we did was disarm the good guys. The bad guys have always (illegally) kept and used their guns against us.

Everyone jumps on the gun-control bandwagon every time there is a shooting publicized by the media. Well, I left my gun on the front porch Saturday. I kept checking it all day, and it never went off by itself.

If the KU professor had said what he said about blacks, Hispanics or Vietnamese, instead of about the NRA, he’d be looking for a job now rather than planning for a sabbatical.

I support David Guth’s right as a private citizen to spew his hate speech. I expect better than that from a professor in a public institution supported in part by my tax dollars. Tenure was never intended to protect people from such irresponsible and hateful actions.

Calling for the dismissal of the KU journalism professor is ridiculous. His tweet was definitely harsh, but no more so than the don’t-blame-the-guns rhetoric and cold indifference Republicans and the NRA jam down our throats after every mass shooting. Such hypocrisy.

It seems that the disciples of the Second Amendment are having some difficulty accepting the First Amendment rights of others.

If you divide WSU men’s basketball coach Gregg Marshall’s salary by the cost of four years tuition, what do you get? Anger.

The pockets of every Charles Koch Arena visitor will take a hit to fill the pocket of one.

My wife likes to read the Opinion Line and now pushes the buttons on her car remote just to agitate people in the parking lot. You have managed to push my buttons now, too. Way to go, people.

Please start making my car and insurance payments and take care of my gas, repairs and tires. Then you can start telling me how many times I get to push the lock/unlock button.

The real sign of the dumbing down of this country is that some people feel compelled to comment on how other people use the remote controls for their cars.

Ladies, a lot of you would stay married longer if you didn’t dress like you were single. Respect your husband by not showing all the world what only he should see.

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