Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 25)

09/25/2013 12:00 AM

09/24/2013 5:36 PM

Building more bike lanes is absurd. The city should make bike riders who want to ride in the street get a license, take a course and get a tag to ride in the street, the same as a motor vehicle. And use that money to pay for it.

Why don’t bicycle riders have to follow traffic rules? Please, no more expensive bicycle lanes. Enough is enough.

To those who think bike paths are an extravagance because Wichita weather often prevents their use: I rode 6,000 miles last year, nearly all of those on local paths. So far this year, 4,700.

Traveling east on Kellogg, I got stuck in the construction between Webb and Greenwich. What a mess. A little organization and correct signage would have helped. I didn’t see a flagman until I got to the end at Greenwich.

I was just wondering why gas is the cheapest in the richest part of Wichita. For the life of me, I can’t understand why the rich keep getting all the breaks.

So the governor’s anointed Court of Appeals judge won’t go to work until Kansas taxpayers build him a new suite of offices – well, la-tee-dah.

Lawyers from both sides of the bench have ceased to regard the Constitution as a rock upon which is founded the justice due a free people.

Income equality is all the rage. Take a CEO making $30 million a year from a company with 30,000 employees. That’s $1,000 per person, before tax, if this salary is spread among all employees – significant, but not life-changing.

So, Westar Energy continues to fight to raise our electric rates. Could have fooled me. We were expecting a slight drop from last month’s bill. Our latest bill was 60 bucks higher than last month.

I would rather face a firing squad than vote for a communist. And if any government agency ever tries to take my weapons, I will die with smoking guns in my arms. Liberty or death.

If 426 children are killed in Syria, pro-choice politicians are outraged. If 426 children are killed by abortions, pro-choice politicians say it is none of their concern.

The billions already spent on 10 years of war are nothing compared with the continuing treatment of thousands of returning vets with years of physical and psychological rehabilitation ahead of them. Our vets are tired of political rules of engagement, with no exit strategy or stated goals. Bring them home.

Liberals complain about conservative bias in The Eagle and conservatives complain about liberal bias. That tells me that The Eagle is doing something right.

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