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09/24/2013 5:34 PM

09/24/2013 5:35 PM

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What if there were a chemical weapon that when dispersed on people made them love their neighbor?

I see that the NRA has started a new chapter in Kenya.

The NRA is adamant that Second Amendment rights are sacred and not one word should be interpreted other than how it says. However, the NRA wants to deny someone else rights guaranteed in the First Amendment. I believe the KU professor has every right to express his views.

KU associate professor David Guth is just the tip of the iceberg for wrong-thinking and wrong-teaching professors.

The KU professor makes a statement that clearly shows he is not fit to teach anyone. And what does he get? A paid vacation.

If the KU professor had said something bad about Obamacare, would he have gotten the same grief?

The House voted to fund the entire government except for Obamacare. One man, Harry Reid, is threatening to shut down the government, but that’s a “progressive” liberal at work. Every action the Democrats take damages the U.S.

Sounds like the pope would support the Affordable Care Act. Time to take care of people and lay off of the divisive birth-control and abortion rhetoric.

The government being shut down would be the best thing that’s happened in D.C. in the past five years.

The self-described party of morals, patriotism and family values just voted to take food stamps away from soldiers and their families.

How did our forefathers who founded this country prove they were citizens when legal birth certificates and photo IDs didn’t exist?

Am I the only person who is extremely disturbed about the excessive architectural fees paid with the school bond money? It is unreal. Can the taxpayers view the details of these charges?

A way to get people to move to Kansas would be to do away with the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition for state colleges. I’ll bet half of those who move to Kansas for an education would stay, get jobs, pay taxes and be good new Kansans.

I can’t believe the local news channels don’t cover drag racing. The show Saturday night at Kansas International Dragway was fantastic. My only criticism has to do with the fans. Bringing a child or a dog to the racetrack with no ear protection is abusive.

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