Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 24)

09/23/2013 6:11 PM

09/23/2013 6:11 PM

Pundits and letter writers are misusing the phrase “a shot across the bow.” It refers to firing a shot across the front of a ship as a warning or to surrender. Sept. 11 was not a warning. It was an act of war, as would be our attacking Syria.

I would have no problem with President Obama getting another peace prize for resolving the Syrian crisis without firing a shot. I am much more concerned by those of you who appear to be competing for a “hate” prize.

It’s becoming evident that the very people our president claims he is helping will be the ones who will be hurt the most.

I consider myself a middle-of-the-roader, but I probably seem like a right-winger to a left-winger.

Imagine the outcry from Kansas Republican legislators if the requirements to purchase a gun in Kansas were the same as for voter registration. The voter-ID law would be overturned in a heartbeat.

It’s way past time to dump the “tea party” into the Boston Harbor. It has poisoned the Republican Party.

How can even the dumbest Democrat believe that Obamacare is good for anyone?

Since President Reagan threw the mentally ill onto the streets, conservatives have opposed spending money to help them. It is laughable to hear conservatives arguing that improving our mental health system is the best way to prevent gun violence – especially when we know they have no intention of doing so.

I support the professor’s tweet on the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard. The NRA is totally responsible for this fiasco.

I’ve been a frequent customer of Starbucks for many years and have been very patient with its social positions, though they’re contrary to mine. However, with its latest anti-gun position, enough is enough. Starbucks has lost my business for good.

“Leave the Second Amendment alone”? Tell that to the Supreme Court. It chopped off half of the amendment, apparently forgetting we have a well-regulated militia called the National Guard.

There are only two ways to prevent mass violence with guns in the future. One: Increase substantially restrictions on gun ownership. Two: Have everyone carry a gun. I’m quite sure that gun lovers (and gun manufacturers) are in favor of No. 2.

I have an idea how to end the debate over whether to deport illegal aliens or keep as many as possible here to vote for Democrats. The answer is so simple: We just make Mexico our 51st state.

Why are students being allowed to stay in school when they have lice eggs in their hair? These nits will hatch and spread like wildfire. Soon students will be allowed to stay even with live bugs.

I wish someone would make Cox commercials go away-tay.

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