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09/24/2013 12:00 AM

09/23/2013 6:11 PM

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Surely the city can set aside one corner of the parking lot behind Century II to punch through the asphalt and drill for oil. This location would alleviate objections from Delano residents and the River Vista project developers.

How about some good ideas for the riverbank south of Douglas, such as a couple of upscale dinner clubs with piano bar? They could be built overlooking the river. Let’s be like San Antonio or Austin, Texas, and make the most out of the river area.

Even more violent crime in the Wichita City Council’s precious Old Town? That’s not possible. The bar that was supposedly the center of all the crime closed, a disproportionate police presence was assigned there, and lights and cameras were installed. The news reports must be a mistake.

So the insurance companies running KanCare are denying more Medicaid claims? If you are trying to generate a profit for your shareholders, you don’t pay claims you can plausibly deny and you don’t pay any sooner than you absolutely have to. Is anybody else not surprised?

Obamacare promises to improve health care by increasing IRS agents and decreasing doctors. To a Democrat voter, this makes sense.

The mass shootings in recent years all occurred in gun-free zones. The shooters may be mentally ill or just plain evil, but they are cowards with a sense of self-preservation causing them to seek a place where people are helpless to defend themselves.

There are two things that a reasonable person can’t understand: al-Qaida and Wayne LaPierre.

Two more mass shootings, this time in Washington, D.C., and Chicago – two cities with the strictest gun laws in the universe. How much more proof do the liberal fanatics have to have that gun-control laws do not work?

KU professor David Guth had it exactly right. It is about time that some of these people who want more and more guns realize the damage and heartbreak that have been created. Thank you, professor.

Freedom of speech is alive in this country, as long as you don’t say anything bad about the NRA.

I predict there will be no long-term penalty for the KU journalism professor. The First Amendment allows these people to express their opinions, no matter how stupid. Tenure allows them to express these opinions without taking responsibility for their actions.

Why is there no Emmy for best awards show?

Three words: pet food bank.

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