Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 23)

09/23/2013 12:00 AM

09/20/2013 4:58 PM

Is there one Republican officeholder in Kansas who has not received campaign money, either directly or indirectly, from the Koch brothers? Would that one person please step forward?

Now that it’s almost time for the Affordable Care Act to begin, please beware of bogus websites giving you wrong information.

I wonder when President Obama will appoint Leonard Pitts as White House press secretary. Maybe Eric Holder could provide Pitts some honorary DOJ appointment or badge.

With nothing coherent to say regarding the sorry state of our country’s domestic economy, decaying culture and downgraded international standing, Democrat progressives have nothing left but to attack and demagogue anyone with another idea or solution. Inevitably, the progressives and their lemming-like followers will tumble over those many cliffs.

Network pundits have tried to blame violent video games for mass shootings. But, even though the perpetrator of the Navy Yard shootings was obsessed with such games, the pundits have been remarkably silent this time. Is it because the networks are all busy running ads for “Grand Theft Auto V”?

An agitated figure complains that people are talking to him through the walls of his hotel room and sending microwave vibrations into his body to keep him awake. He shoots a dozen people. Curiously, anti-gun extremists want to solve the problem by taking away our guns.

So Starbucks asks its customers to leave their guns at home. Announce it to the world, why don’t you? Another future free-kill zone.

It’s evident that Obamacare is designed to limit the benefits of baby boomers entering their retirement years.

Republicans fear the ACA might actually benefit the country. If they really believed it was such a disaster, they would let it go forward so they could gloat about its failure. History has shown them to be on the wrong side of nearly every helpful social program we have.

How can conservative lawmakers who make $179,000-plus a year have the gall to cut food stamps to working families barely getting by on minimum-wage jobs – if they can get work at all? The disconnect these people have with their less-fortunate constituents is frightening and downright immoral.

The best comedy on television today is Fox News.

Unforgotten children are the children of deadbeats who won’t work. Judges and lawyers: Don’t you forget the children. Hold the nonworking deadbeats accountable. Jail is the only thing that will force them to get a job.

Maybe, just maybe, the reason Amelia Earhart isn’t mentioned as a name for the Wichita airport is because she died in a plane crash and has never been found.

I still don’t understand how it is legal to pull over an automobile and ticket the driver for not wearing a seat belt, yet motorcyclists can scream around town without helmet, seat belt or air bag.

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