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09/22/2013 12:00 AM

09/20/2013 4:53 PM

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I do not use any of the following: bike paths, libraries, zoo, golf courses, swimming pools. I rarely use the airport and have no children in school. However, I realize that these things are vital to retain and attract the companies that provide jobs in Wichita.

The reason Wichita is the allergy capital: maybe because our city and county don’t mow ditches and open fields anymore as they should.

Did WSU have a bidding process for spending $700,000 to recruit new students? How can WSU justify giving a $700,000 contract to Royall and Company in Virginia? What does that say about the Barton School of Business? What does it say about Wichita and Kansas?

WSU canceled the Dean’s Scholars program because it is a huge waste of time and money. The extra money put into recruiting seems well-spent.

So 17,000 voter registrations, in a state with 1.7 million registered voters, are on hold because people can’t or haven’t proved their citizenship. Maybe we just uncovered the voter fraud the law was designed to stop.

The Affordable Care Act, aka the government takeover of one-sixth of the economy, is not what is needed. How about we start by allowing real free-market competition to flourish by letting people buy insurance across state lines?

Shame on Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer. I guess even the Hippocratic oath’s “do no harm” can’t withstand the partisan political rhetoric where Obamacare is concerned. How ironic that a physician wouldn’t support access to health care for everyone.

For those who hoped last year’s election would break the fever of anger and polarization, it did not. The hope now is that this last-gasp showdown over health care reform can finally break the fever. Then we can offer better health care to 30 million more of our citizens.

There’s only one thing wrong with the U.S. Constitution: It is outdated for today’s society. We need to update it, and we can start by throwing out the Second Amendment. With guns causing more damage than good, it is no longer necessary in today’s world.

After every act of terror, we are told we should not judge all Muslims based on the actions of a few. Isn’t it time the 80 million gun owners in America get the same treatment?

Can they really be called the armed forces if their weapons are locked away on base?

So we are supposed to believe that more government background checks for guns will work better than the background check that gave the mentally disturbed gunman security clearance to enter a navy yard?

Wednesday night the moon was so bright my dog and I needed sunglasses when we went on our walk.

These flies have been buzzing me so long I am starting to consider them pets. Come here, Buzz.

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